The Youtube Converter by Y2Mate is very simple and works on almost any device. The conversion of the Youtube videos takes only a few moments on Y2Mate - depending on how long the video is and in which quality it has been uploaded. Our users appreciate our service very much - because the speed of the downloads is quite fast. With Y2Mate you have the possibility to download the video in MP3. We are considering extending the service and offering you MP4 and other formats as well. This may take a while. The video - which you have converted is then available for a few minutes - after which it will be deleted.

Y2Mate is one of the largest Youtube converters on the market with more than 10 million monthly visitors. The keyword Y2Mate is very popular and has become a huge brand in the scene. Y2Mate is also one of the few YTMP3 products on the market that offers its own Android app. However, the APP does not exist in the Google Play Store because it violates the policy. That's why you can only download them externally.

All in all, Y2Mate is a top product - which we can recommend! You want to download video and audio files which are available on Youtube? In this case we guess that this website is the perfect choice for you. Just visit y2mate.com and use the offered service which is completely free.

In order to get the file you are looking for, you just have to copy the Youtube link of the desired audio or video file, insert this link into the intended input box which is found on the frontpage and start the download with one click on start. To inform the users about all rights, the provider is presenting a copyright notice.

How to use Y2Mate

  • Go to Y2Mate
  • Select a favorite youtube video on youtube to convert to mp3
  • Copy the Youtube video url and paste it into Y2Mate.
  • Start Conversion by clicking Convert and wait until the selected video was converted.
  • After the conversion is completed you can download the mp3 or mp4 file to your device

Why Y2Mate could be interesting for you

  • Y2Mate is a well known brand
  • The service is very fast and deliver a great quality
  • The advertising is reduced to a minimum
  • You can play the files on your phone or computer